Does your business give?

Local nonprofits, schools and community organizations depend on companies like yours when it’s time for their raffles and auctions.  This fund was developed with their feedback.  The result:  One donation request form that reaches many generous businesses.

The community impact of donated gift cards, vouchers and passes is significant.  We have seen a well-matched $50 restaurant gift cards raise $500 in a raffle for local charity (that’s 10x face value)!  

After supporting thousands of raffles and auctions with a gift card or two, it starts to add up and word gets around.  As a result, we are growing this fund to include a few more generous businesses who love Seattle and who love to see their brand represented where community comes together.  

Participation in this fund costs $25 per month.  You will receive donation requests from local community organizations for their raffles and auctions in Seattle and surrounding cities.  You retain full control of your giving and your company’s participation in the fund is completely confidential!

Donation Results

$ 0 +
Raised for community.

Driven by Feedback

Developed with input from hundreds of local community leaders, volunteers and nonprofit executives.  
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"Donating gift cards for local raffles and auctions is like the perfect advertisement. It promotes your brand where everyone is paying attention and cares, it raises money for communities you love and it costs your company practically nothing until a party walks in the door to redeem your gift card!"
Gerard W.
Community Publisher