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Did you raise your hand to help find gift card donations for an upcoming  raffle or auction in the neighborhood?  Good for you!  It takes five minutes to complete a donation request here.  We would love to make your day and support your community building.


  • Request donation using the form on this page (see tabs above).

  • Your request is forwarded to local businesses who give generously for raffles and auctions in the community and want to help.

  • Each business gives according to its own guidelines and abilities.



This initiative has helped to raise tens of thousands of additional dollars for local community-building organizations.  Here is a partial list of groups who have received gift cards for their raffles and auctions:


Q – Can I request a gift card from a specific establishment?
A – Yes.  We will do our best to forward it to them.

Q – Will I receive the gift cards I request?
A – Fingers crossed.

Q – How much are gift cards and in-kind donations from businesses worth?
A – Gift card and in-kind donations generally range in value between $25 and $100.  Your request may be answered by more than one business.

Q – Do the gifts have any special restrictions or strings attached?
A – No, gift cards are straight from donating businesses and same as sold on premise.  Some companies may give tickets, certificates, passes, samples, vouchers, overnight stays or memberships instead of gift cards.

Q – Can I request a gift  to recognize or honor an exceptional student, team, class, volunteer, donor, writer, artist, senior, leader or group?
A – Yes.

Q – Can we use donations to thank guest speakers who address our chamber of commerce or Rotary?
A – Yes.

Q – We are not organized as a registered Washington nonprofit.  Can we still receive a gift?
A – It’s possible as long as there is a clear community or marketing benefit.

Q – Will you consider any request?
A – Yes, as long as it supports community in or around Seattle.

Q – How long will it take to process my request?
A – If we can help, then you will receive a gift before your deadline.

Q – How will I know if my request was approved?
A – You will receive a gift before your deadline.

Q – When should I submit my request?
A – Submit your request once your fundraising effort has started and your event has been scheduled.  The early bird gets the worm.  Some businesses can give on shorter notice than others.

Q – Will you share/publish my contact information?
A – We will not publish your name, email, address or any other personally identifiable information.  We will forward your request, including contact info, to local business owners and managers who actively support worthy community initiatives with in-kind donations.

Operational. Beta.

If you are running into any difficulties or restrictions on request form, please contact us. We’ll clear the deck for you.