Word on the street

The proposition is simple.  Complete one form and reach many different potential donors for your upcoming Seattle raffle or auction.  Feedback from community volunteers and nonprofit leaders is consistent over time.  Read what they say below.  

Community Role


Executive Director
This is my first experience with the gift card pool approach, but I think it’s a great idea!
Auction Procurement Co-Chair
Very handy.
Love it!
procurement volunteer/board member
This is great!
This is my first time asking for a donation request from a gift card pool.
Communications Team Lead
This is amazing and I’m glad someone is doing it.
Sponsorship Chair
A great opportunity to learn more about local businesses while giving back to the community!
I think this is great – as a community member, I feel this reaches a lot of potential donors who might not otherwise be reached – this is a VERY appreciated approach. THANK YOU!!!
Board Member
Looks great, thank you!
Communications Specialist
Such a great idea – a clear benefit to our city and the number of organizations serving our residents. Thank you in advance for considering (us).
Operations Coordinator
I think this is a wonderful way to streamline the process of asking local businesses for gift cards and donations. It can be very difficult to contact organizations, so this approach is very helpful.
Board member
It is an amazing idea to reach thousands of people to help raise money for their organization
Board Member
It’s really interesting! I’ll be excited to see if it works. Thanks for offering it.
Auction Co-Chair, Fundraising Team and Current Parent
This is awesome!!! Its challenging to solicit every local business at the same time every other school is also soliciting, so a centralized request option for one of the fundamental auction items is a miraculous idea!!!
School Secretary
I think it’s great.
I LOVE it!
Auction Chair
We like it!
I think it’s awesome!  Fun to be able to submit in one place rather than fill out various forms.
Auction Chair
I think it’s a good approach.  Thank you.
This is a great idea to streamline the process for all involved.
Auction chair and Board Member
It is an interesting idea.  I think it makes it easier for a group of business to see what opportinities for giving are available and non-profits are able to consolidate their requests.  Thank you!
 Membership chair and co auction chair
Never cool
Board member
Innovative and efficient
Auction Event Coordinator
Unique!  Power in numbers!  Very creative approach : )
Member, Cultural Drummer
Cool! First time ever using the pool! Thank you for the consideration. Haw’aa (Thank you)
I think that it is fantastic!
Thank you!
Americorps Volunteer
This is an awesome idea I very much appreciate this service.
Project Coordinator
I think it is a very cool idea.
Board Member
Auction Committee Member/ Seattle Amistad
I love it! I look forward to seeing how it works out.
Brilliant – thank you for offering this.
Resource Development Coordinator
I enjoy the opportunity to enter for a chance at many restaurants in the area.
MXO Booster Club Secretary
I have not had much luck walking business to business, so I hope this reaches anyone willing to consider us for a donation. I thank you for allowing us an avenue to reach additional businesses
I love it!   We can donate any I purchase items as well.
We are stressing out as we have sent out 180 requests and only have revievedb10 items…  out committee was started late and many places have already given their donation allowance for the year.  Any help is much appreciated!
Thank you – 
Auction Co-Chair
We love it!
Community Relations Manager
This is an amazing way for the community to work collectively to support local fundraisers and events! I appreciate the simplicity of this form, and the wide reach that the request will receive due to the work of the gift card pool.
Thank you!!
PTSA President
Neat.  I hope it works!
Program, Development, and Executive Assistant
I think it’s a great idea! We have been very happy to be a part of it in the past. Thank you!
Fundraising Chair
I think this is a great idea! It allows several options that we may not have found before and allows several businesses to connect with us!
Lead Fundraiser
It sounds pretty awesome, I hope it is able to benefit a lot of organizations in the area!
Assistant Director
This is great!!!!!
Auction Chair
I love this idea!  Restaurant gift certificates are very popular with the attendees.  But it takes a lot of time and effort for the volunteers to solicit from the restaurants.  Your website seems to streamline the process.  Thank you!
I think this is a fantastic way to support local organizations and non-profits.  Even if I do not get cards for the restaurants I specifically asked for, any gift card to a Ballard area restaurant will encourage my patrons to visit and explore a new option, bringing business to Ballard and supporting Lakewood Playhouse at the same time!
Procurement Team Member
I think this is a great way to have people ask for donations.  This online form works well.
FOP Lodge Auxiliary President
It sounds like a streamline way to approach doantion requests.
Office Manager
I think it is a great idea.
Auction Chair
I love it. I wish asking business for their support was this easy. 🙂
Dessert Committee Chair
I think it’s a neat idea, both for the one stop shopping aspect and also because of the joint community effort behind it, and how accessible it is to so many different groups–the list of organizations you’ve helped is so varied and diverse.
A great idea! As a small nonprofit this is an efficient way to reach out for support.
Clinic Manager
Awesome– makes it so much easier!
Fellowship Chair
I think this is a fantastic idea – thank you!
Development Associate
Very easy to use and provides a broad scope of participating businesses. Thank you!
Fund Development Assistant
Love that our requests can be forwarded to other possibly interested businesses.
Executive Director
This is a great idea. Having a central pool alone helps short-staffed non-profits by focusing the limited effort available. Hopefully it also encourages more businesses to support local nonprofits through gift card giving.
Board Member/Auction Committee
LOVE IT!!!!!
Vice-Chair, Board
Grassroots Summit Coordinator
It seems beneficial to organizations like ours that are constantly looking for new potential donors, especially local Seattle restaurants and groups. Our Japanese guests are often looking for new local spots to show visiting officials or corporate visitors.
Outreach Manager/Procurement Co-chair/Volunteer
Love the idea! Hope it works out for our event!
Parish Council Board Secretary and Gala Chair
Vice President
What an excellent idea!  I love it!
Auction Committee Member
I am excited to see how it works!
Music Director
It is amazing!  I really hope there are businesses able to work with us, it’s great to be able to put a request in one place for multiple businesses, with limited time and resources.
Fundraising Team Volunteer
It’s so amazing, thank you!!!
Parent Volunteer
When we all participate in making a difference, we have a community that gives meaning!  The kindness is greatly appreciated, it comes back many times to the giver and in more ways than one.
Fundraising Coordinator
Great idea!
Marketing & Cultural Program Coordinator
Sounds great!
Auction Co-chair
I think it is a great way to support all the local schools and non-profits.
Community Development Manager
I like this approach.  It appears to simplify and streamline the process for all involved.  Thank you!
Development & Operations Coordinator
Seems great!
Development & Campaign Manager
What a great concept!  It takes a lot of work to pull off a successful fundraising event, and the less amount of staff hours that go into putting it together, the better.
Executive Director
Anything that makes it easier for non profit organizations to solicit donations is awesome! We have so little time as a volunteer based organization and every year when Winterwoof approaches so many resources are diverted to event planning, this is a really incredible resource. THANK YOU!
Dog Gone Seattle saves homeless dogs at risk for euthanasia and places them into loving forever homes in the greater Seattle area, saving almost 500 dogs a year.
Vice Chair and Auction Chair
I think its a wonderful idea and greatly appreciated to us seeking donations! Thank you!
Event Coordinator
very cool! thank you for your time and consideration!
Great Idea!  Makes it easier for those who are fundraising to get a GC or two to a very nice restaurant.
Auction Coordinator
This is a wonderful idea! Thank you for doing this!
Donation Coordinator
It’s very convenient as a way to reach businesses on the East side of Puget Sound, especially for us living in Kitsap County
LEAP program Coordinator
I love this idea.
I think it’s awesome.  Fundraising is difficult, so anything that takes some of the stress out.
We appreciate anything and everything!
Procurement committee
Great if we get a gift card from it!  thanks
Alumni Council member
This is wonderful, thank you!!!
Procurement Lead
I love it! 2 thumbs up!
head of procurement, board member 
I think it is a great idea! Thank you for your consideration.
Board Member/ Fundraising Committee
Amazing idea!!!!
executive director
Great concept.
Financial Analyst
It makes getting the word out faster and more extensive
auction co-chair
very user friendly 🙂
What a convenient way to connect communities.  Thank you!
Artistic Director
VERY COOL!   Our patrons, donors, and supporters LOVE trying new restaurants!!
Amazing idea!
Office Coordinator
I think it is an interesting approach and I admire the initiative it must have taken to create the program which will surely benefit many organizations.
Executive Director
As a smaller nonprofit, I think it could be a great way to help cut down on the time required for connecting with local businesses, while still bringing our community together through nonprofits and generous local supporters!
Fundraising Coordinator
I think that this is an awesome approach and am excited to learn more about it and how it works.
Executive Director
I am interested to see how it works.  thank you!!
Executive Director
This is really exciting. It would be so helpful to be able to reach out to one location who can help put us in touch with various restaurants. Thank you!
Development Coordinator
Love it!
Major Fundraiser, Chair
I think it’s a wonderful idea and we appreciate your consideration!
Programs Manager
This is great! I appreciate the ease and simplicity.
United Way Coordinator
This is the first time I’ve tried this approach.  I’m eager to see how it works and am thankful for your support.
I love this!  Thank you so much!
great idea to the community involved in helping out local nonprofits and schools.
Development Coordinator
This is a fantastic approach. It allows for variety and celebration of many different businesses in our Northwest community. Great promotion!
Casino Night Support
I like it 🙂
member, Board of Directors
This is a great idea…it makes it easy for the nonprofit to request donations. It also gives  businesses the space to align their donations with requests that come in while saving them time in not having to respond to individual requests directly.
founder, board president
I love it!!  Can’t wait to see what we get.  You guys rock!
Artistic Director
It has been working for us. Thank you!
parent volunteer
A great way to support the local community.  Thank you!
Financial Analyst Volunteer
Great idea, as most organizations just need some giveaway items for auction this can also help promote the restaurant as well/sell more food and drinks that just the value of the gift card
Development Director
Veterans Navigator
Executive Director
It seems pretty cool!
Executive Director
This is the first time I have heard of it.  I think it is a good way for people to learn about different restaurtants.