Word on the street

The proposition is simple.  Complete one form and reach many different potential donors for your upcoming Seattle raffle or auction.  Feedback from community volunteers and nonprofit leaders is consistent over time.  Read what they say below.  




Director of Family Relations

I think it seems great!  I would love more participation by companies that I may not have thought of.  And those companies will get exposure at our event.

 Marketing and Promotions

Director of Development and Outreach

This is a great idea, and a way for newer restaurants to gain exposure while helping local Seattle non-profits.

Exec Dir

I think this is such a great and useful approach. It’s so very hard to find emails of applications in line sometimes. So this is so helpful!

Auction manager

It seems like a positive approach to procurement. I will know more if it’s successful for our event.

Board Chair

A great idea! We appreciate any help we can get!

I solicit each year for silent auction donations.

We’ll have to wait and see. It could be good.

I solicit each year for silent auction donations.

We’ll have to wait and see. It could be good.

Committee Chairman

Very interesting. Never heard of anything like it.

Board Chairperson (volunteer)

I love it! It’s a great option for a volunteer organization trying to gather donations for fundraising incentive.

Outreach Manager/Procurement Co-chair/Volunteer

Love the idea! Hope it works out for our event!

Director of Development

I think this is a novel idea! Thank you!

Vice President

What an excellent idea!  I love it!

Development and Community Relations Manager

I think it’s really ingenuitive. It’s a dynamic way for both donation seekers and companies to participate. Thank you

Executive Director

This is a brillliant, time saving idea for both non profit organizations and businesses within the community seeking to do go and gain exposure. Thank you.

Board Member/Auction Coordinator

I think it’s wonderful and something I haven’t seen yet and have been doing our annual auction for 3 years now.


Great for organizations like ours. Thank you for your consideration.

Procurement volunteer/board member

This is great!

Board Member

Looks great, thank you!


I LOVE it!

Auction Committee Member/ Seattle Amistad Parent

I love it! I look forward to seeing how it works out.

Auction Co-Chair

We love it. (I am submitting this again, because I received an error message, the last time submitted.)

Auction Co-Chair

We love it!

Auction Committee Member/ Seattle Amistad Parent

I am excited to see how it works!

Community Engagement Director

Excellent idea, thank you for providing this platform.

Auction Committee Coordinator

This is a very good idea to connect businesses willing to support community organizations!

Parent volunteer

I think it is a fantastic way to reach many business and support many worthy causes.

Director of Advancement

Great idea!

Administrative Assistant

Love it! It is so encouraging to have an opportunity to reach out to many different businesses to let them know about our mission and give them an opportunity to lend their support as well as expose their business to our attendees.

Auction Chair

I appreciate the gift card pool approach for its ease. 

Communications & Events Specialist

I like the concept, cautiously optimistic that it will work well.

Fundraising Coordinator

Great idea!

Membership / auction chair coordinator

Love it

 Membership chair and co auction chair

Never cool


I think this a great idea that can allow people looking for donations to reach a broader group of businesses in less time.

Auction Chair

This is a really cool concept!  It can be overwhelming to know where to start when procuring for an auction and this is such a helpful tool!  Thanks so much!!

Board Member/Auction Chair

This is the first I’ve heard of it and I love the idea.  Especially for events like auctions.  It really doesn’t matter what you get, everything helps and this is a cool way to cast a wide net.

Auction Chair

I think this is an awesome idea! I hope that you will keep MIM in mind!

Board President

Love it!

Procurement volunteer

It is AMAZING and I hope it works! I know a lot of business are very helpful, but finding the right ones to help support our school can be very difficult. We appreciate your efforts!

Grants and Office Coordinator

Great idea

Auction Chair

It’s great!

Executive Director

This is a great idea! I’m optimistic that it will work. Thank you for creating this.
When I went to this page using internet explorer it didn’t load the submit button. Worked fine on Chrome.

Auction Chair

We like it!

Fundraising Chair

I think this is a great idea! It allows several options that we may not have found before and allows several businesses to connect with us!

Lead Fundraiser

It sounds pretty awesome, I hope it is able to benefit a lot of organizations in the area!

chair of Evening of the Arts

This is my first time with a gift card pool.

Volunteer for auction

I love it!

Volunteer Donation Coordinator

I think it’s a great idea to connect local non-profits with community organizations that are looking to support these organizations.

Family Support Specialist

I think it’s a great approach to connecting local businesses with greater organizations in the Seattle area.

Executive Director


ALE Supervisor

Board secretary and auction chair

i think this is awesome

Programs Manager

Love it! Quick and convenient.

Auction Chair

This is amazing and such an incredible idea!

PTA procurement

What a wonderful opportunity to help the community!

Fundraising Coordinator

This appraoch helps streamline the donation request process. We appreciate your consideration!

PTA Vice President

Thank you.

Executive Director

Awesome idea! Glad I found you.


I think its a great idea.


We appreciate anything and everything!


What a convenient way to connect communities.  Thank you!

Club President

It sounds awesome! Thanks so much for supporting our club.

Auction Chair

I think it’s a good approach.  Thank you.

Development Consultant

This approach is easy to use and fun as you don’t know what might come your way after the “ask”.  Personal connections are lacking, though, which is an increasing challenge in today’s society.

2019 Ingraham High School Auction Chair

It sounds like a great idea!  This is the first time we’ve attempted to use it.

Marketing Associate

I think it looks fun and easy. Lets see.

Deputy Executive Director

It’s a fantastic idea! I hope it is successful.

Procurement Auction Chair

This is great


Easy, Fast

Procurement Lead

I love it! 2 thumbs up!

Event Chair

I think this is an amazing idea! As an event chairperson with little help this year, this would be very useful!

parent volunteer

Love it!

Board member

It is an amazing idea to reach thousands of people to help raise money for their organization

Auction Chair

Marketing/Outreach Coordinator

It’s a great idea!

Executive Director

Love this – makes it simple for local businesses and nonprofits to work together in the community!

Auction chair

This is a fantastic idea and helps organizations like ours to reach a broader community in less time. Thank you so much!

Development Assistant

It is a creative approach.

Event Operations Associate

It seems like an innovative idea to give back to communities.

Parent Volunteer/Auction Committee member

Wonderful if it actually works.

Auction Procurement Co-Chair

Very handy.


Love it!

School Secretary

I think it’s great.


This is a great idea to streamline the process for all involved.

Event Operations Associate

Auction Chair

I love this idea!  Restaurant gift certificates are very popular with the attendees.  But it takes a lot of time and effort for the volunteers to solicit from the restaurants.  Your website seems to streamline the process.  Thank you!

Board Member/Auction Committee

LOVE IT!!!!!

Development & Operations Coordinator

Seems great!


Amazing idea!

parent volunteer

A great way to support the local community.  Thank you!

Executive Director

It sounds promising.

Auction Chair

I’ve never used it before but I’m hoping it will work out well!

Auction Chair

I love it. I wish asking business for their support was this easy. 🙂

Parent Representative

I think it’s fantastic.  I hope we can promote some generous local businesses and they’re willing to support! Thank you.

Auction Procurement Chair

I think it is great! Thanks so much for supporting your community fundraisers with this great idea!

Volunteer Auction Procurement

I think that it is great! I have never heard of the approach before.

Secretary, AMHS Booster Club/Teacher

It sounds great! Fingers crossed!

Event Coordinator

very cool! thank you for your time and consideration!

Family Donor Representative

Love it!

Vice President

I think it a unique idea.

Family Fun Night and Silent Auction Committee Chair

I think this is a wonderful way to benefit local non profits and fundraising efforts and allow individuals to contribute where and how much they can.

Executive Director

I love it – it is a time saver to go to 1 pool of interested parties rather than reach out individually.

Auction Committee Lead

I think this is awesome! What a great show of community and helping members of your community out.



PTSA President

Honestly, this is a great idea.

Development Director

Great idea – thanks!

Fundraising Co-chir

A wonderful and efficient process!

volunteer parent

Its great!


This is my first experience with the gift card pool approach, but I think it’s a great idea!

PTSA President

Neat.  I hope it works!

Dessert Committee Chair

I think it’s a neat idea, both for the one stop shopping aspect and also because of the joint community effort behind it, and how accessible it is to so many different groups–the list of organizations you’ve helped is so varied and diverse.


A great idea! As a small nonprofit this is an efficient way to reach out for support.

Fundraising Coordinator

I think that this is an awesome approach and am excited to learn more about it and how it works.

Auction Event Coordinator

Unique!  Power in numbers!  Very creative approach : )

Branch Manager

I love it!!

Auction Chair

Great!  Hard to pick a specific restaurant.  When companies are willing to make donations, not picky about what or who.

Auction Committee Lead

Amazing, I was thrilled to find this what a great idea. I’m happy to have your help make our auction a success.


I’m curious if I’ll get any responses! I’ll still send requests to other local businesses who may want to help support this event.

Annual Fund Officer

My non-profit organization has several events throughout the year where we spend a lot of time soliciting gift card donations.  This pool approach is a big time-saver and can’t wait to match with businesses who desire to help.  Thank you!


I think that it is fantastic!
Thank you!

Board Member


Auction co-chair

Parish Council Board Secreatry and Gala Chair


Vice Chair and Auction Chair

I think its a wonderful idea and greatly appreciated to us seeking donations! Thank you!

Board Member

It’s really interesting! I’ll be excited to see if it works. Thanks for offering it.

Development Associate

Very easy to use and provides a broad scope of participating businesses. Thank you!

Corps Officer/Administrator

Very convenient.

Board member

Innovative and efficient


I love it, I think it will save us a lot of time when we make “asks”. Thank you for your help!

Youth Outreach & Referral Specialist

This is the first time I have used it and I would happily provide feedback after going through the process! I am excited to try this experience.

Donation Chair

This is a wonderful idea! I’m surprised to have just heard about this organization! Excited to potentially share your work with our patrons.


I love that I can get multiple items all in one place.

Sports & Recreation Director

Sports & Recreation Director

Board member

Very cool. Hope it works.

Sponsorship Chair

A great opportunity to learn more about local businesses while giving back to the community!

Donation Coordinator

It’s very convenient as a way to reach businesses on the East side of Puget Sound, especially for us living in Kitsap County

Trivia Co-Chair

Seems like a win win for all involved!


I think this is a fantastic way to support local organizations and non-profits.  Even if I do not get cards for the restaurants I specifically asked for, any gift card to a Ballard area restaurant will encourage my patrons to visit and explore a new option, bringing business to Ballard and supporting Lakewood Playhouse at the same time!

parent volunteer

It’s a fabulous idea, and a great way to navigate the gift card options for both donors and organizations seeking donations. Thank you!


I love it!   We can donate any I purchase items as well.
We are stressing out as we have sent out 180 requests and only have revievedb10 items…  out committee was started late and many places have already given their donation allowance for the year.  Any help is much appreciated!
Thank you – Mishell

Auction Co-chair

I think it is a great way to support all the local schools and non-profits.


I think this is great – as a community member, I feel this reaches a lot of potential donors who might not otherwise be reached – this is a VERY appreciated approach. THANK YOU!!!

Resource Development Coordinator

I enjoy the opportunity to enter for a chance at many restaurants in the area.

Communications Specialist

Such a great idea – a clear benefit to our city and the number of organizations serving our residents. Thank you in advance for considering the Center for Community Engagement.

procurement chair

I hope it works.

Auction Chair

It is a new idea and interesting

Auction Co-Chair, Fundraising Team and Current Parent

This is awesome!!! Its challenging to solicit every local business at the same time every other school is also soliciting, so a centralized request option for one of the fundamental auction items is a miraculous idea!!!