Word on the street

The proposition is simple.  Complete one form and reach many different potential donors for your upcoming Seattle raffle or auction.  Feedback from community volunteers and nonprofit leaders is consistent over time.  Read what they say below.  

Development Director I have not tried it before but the concept seems pretty cool! Especially if it helps non-profits like mine acquire donations without overwhelming individual businesses.
auction co-chair Very user friendly – thanks!
NW Development Coordinator I think it is a GREAT idea!!
Development Assistant We’ve never done it this way, so it would be a new experience for the org. Looking forward to hearing what happens.
volunteer great– just curious how this is going to work
Executive Director I think it is an interesting idea.  I hope it draws interest to our non profit
volunteer love it..most of the participants come from Seattle area and I need items that they can win that will be useful to them from their hometown area
Vice President It’s wonderful! I wish I had found you guys sooner. 🙂
Director of Community Relations I think it is a great way, especially if a package can be put together for a well rounded Seattle Experience, including enetertainment, dinner, and hotel accomodations.
Executive Director Pretty Awesome!
Grants and Development Intern It’s great!
Program Supervisor I think it is great! Thanks for your help and support!
Program Coordinator This is our first time requesting, and I’m hoping to be happily surprised!
Development Director Restaurants need help distributing charitable gifts in their community and this is an easy web to help facilitate that.  Restaurant GM’s don’t have time to be solicited for fundraising donations!
Gala committee member Fantastic idea.  It is an easy way for us to reach a lot of establishments and probably some we would never have thought of.
Auction Coordinator Its a wonderful program that you offer!
Development Coordinator Really cool and centralized way to reach out for in-kind requests!
Artistic Director This is amazing! We will be sure to shout out this cool resource to all of our friends at our upcoming Gala! Thank you!
President First time using it
Community Engagement Coordinator I think it’s a great idea- I can’t know what I think until I see what happens…
Executive Director This is the first time we are using the gift card pool so we are looking forward your help to get more in0kind donation for our fundraising gala.
Board Member I think this is an amazing way to help organizations like ours and link us to businesses that find the value in donating to local auctions and raffles.
Admin / Publicity Thumbs up!
Procurement Volunteer This is really helpful for nonprofits like us who are seeking donations
Board Member, Chair of Special Events Committee I think this is amazing! Having one centralized location to make these sorts of asks is such a time saver and has the opportunity to lend itself to unique items that we might not have otherwise thought of. Thank you for the opportunity to participate!
Executive Director It sound absolutely amazing!
Volunteer I think it is a great idea. So many amazing places in Seattle that are not as known. A great way to find these hidden gems.
Advancement Coordinator I love this!!! Thank you so much
Volunteer/Auction Chair If it helps us secure donations for our crucial fundraising efforts, it would help our non-profit to be more efficient and devote more resources to our mission!  Also, as a business person, I think it provides great low or no cost marketing opportunities to businesses.  There is no better way to market to a community than to get involved with non-profit efforts seeking to better the community you serve.
Fundraiser This is really great.  I have shared your info with other non profits looking for in kind gifts.  Thank you so much for providing this.
Volunteer. On event board Awesome!!
Development Assistant Great, super convenient and easy to use!
Development Director This is the first time we’ve tried it.  Fingers are crossed!
Executive Board Secretary I think this is a fabulous idea.  It can be very challenging to find businesses and organizations that are seeking to make donations to non-profits.
Executive Director Great way to easily request donations from a number of local businesses
Family Resource Specialist I love it!!! It’s so great to have an organization aimed at supporting other organizations! Partnership is what is all about!
Community Engagement & Special Events Coordinator It can be helpful!
Sr. Coordinator, Social Responsibility It’s an awesome idea and cuts out a lot of work for smaller organizations.
Parent Volunteer It’s a great idea so hopefully it works.  Thanks
Director of Development It’s a great idea
Development & Events Coordinator I love this idea! Nonprofits put so much time and energy into reaching out to individual organizations in preparation for our fundraising events. Thank you for what you do.
volunteer I think it’s fabulous!
Local (WA) event coordinator This seems like a very effective way to procure items.
Event Coordinator I think it’s an awesome way to support local non-profits.
Director This is great thank you
Event Coordinator This is interesting! We’d love to receive anything as an incentive.
Auction Co-Chair Great idea, thank you for consideration.
Washington Director LOVE IT!
Director of Development I think it’s a great way to connect with businesses.  It’s a real time saver.
Events & Sponsorship Manager This is the first time I am using a gift card pool and I think it is a great idea.
Foundation Director It is great!
Volunteer/ event committee member I think this is a really cool way to get donations! i’ve never seen anything like it.
Concession Manager This is a fantastic out-of-the-box approach! I will be telling my friends about this! Thank you for your consideration!
Fundraising Coordinator/Coach I think it’s a great idea.  I am interested to see how it works out.  Thanks!
Partnerships and Events Assistant I think it’s a great idea!
Office Manager Fantastic! Thanks for developing a great resource to request for donations. The event is open to the community – this is our eventbrite link. Please feel free to send out to anyone who might be interested!
Program Manager I am excited to see what new companies/organizations I can reach that I wouldn’t have thought about contacting to be a part of this event.
Special Events Intern It is so amazing to see a fund that is committed to supporting nonprofits in such an amazing way. Thank you!
Executive Administrator/Event Coordinator I think it is a great idea. I’m sure there are many places that have gift cards that I am not even thinking of. And there is no way I can contact every place.
Social Emotional Learning Strategy Manager What a wonderful idea! Thank you! We are a small team and to be able to have help with a task that usually takes lots of time, I am grateful.
Board Member Efficient and well run, a time saver for donors and fundraisers alike
Auction Coordinator I think it’s a great idea and I’m glad it exists.
Graduate Student/Auction Chair I think that it is a wonderful way to pair organizations with local businesses that are interested in donating and that it streamlines procurement.
Director Excited to see how it works!
Marketing & Events Coordinator I think it’s a great way to ease the donation pressure on local businesses while still supporting worthy local causes.
Co-founder/Boardmember LOVE IT!! Thank you for your consideration!
Development Assistant I love it … what a fantastic idea!  Thank you for providing such a great venue for donation requests!
Volunteer great idea
Resource Development Coordinator I think this is a great idea! A more streamlined and simple approach.
Procurement Coordinator I love how streamlined it is and look forward to being the lucky recipients of gift cards to use in our auction- Thank you for helping us in our fight to end hunger in Pierce County!
Event committee member It’s great as it’s very efficient in reaching a large pool of businesses without doing individual requests.
Foundation Coordinator I think this is a great approach and am hopeful for results.  I am not sure if I will receive a response regarding my requests, but I hope there is correspondence following my submission.  Thank you.
Administration Director This is very helpful.
Event Coordinator Great Idea!
Board Member & Fundraising Committee Co-Chair I think this is a wonderful opportunity for non-profits in Seattle! Thank you!
Fair Coordinator Very cool
11th Grade AmeriCorps College Coach I wish I knew about this sooner!! I can’t wait to hear back.
Lake Stevens Grad Night Committee Chair This seems like a great idea! I cant wait to hear back from you.
Accounting Assistant 4 I think this is wonderful! In lieu of contacting multiple restaurants individually, it’s nice to have one place to make a request and be forwarded to local businesses that make generous donations to different community fundraising efforts. Thank you!
Volunteer and Former Camper I don’t think we can evaluate the effectivity of this until we go through the entire process! The idea of this is so great though!
Executive Director Love it!
Development Associate Very innovative idea.
Volunteer/Fundraising Coordinator This is really clever! This probably makes it easier for businesses to donate as it takes away a step that they’d have to go through of selecting those to donate to.
Volunteers Great ideas!
Community Stewardship Officer It’s very effective. We have benefit from this approach in the past, and are very appreciative of the support. Thank you!
Philanthropy Chair This is an excellent idea and incredibly efficient for event planners who are over their heads in work.
Volunteer Coordinator 10 August 2019, help families who have children with speical needs
Childcare Consultant & Area Coordinator,  Cultural Care Kids First Foundation Ambassador awsome!
Program Coordinator I think this is very helpful.
Program Director Love it! People have big hearts. I have found throu doing a fundraiser each year they can be generous when getting something back…Cool that it can be building up our community too!
President/Auction Chairperson I think it’s an asset to those looking for contributions as searching out individual links to make requests is time consuming and cumbersome.
PTA President I think its a wonderful way to help organization like mine.
Chairman of the board I Like it
Raffle -Volunteer I like how it makes it easy…asking what places, restaurants, and entertainment that may fit the participants needs and likes. You are helping us reach our goal.
Development We are inspired by the difference Seattle Gift card Fund is making in the community. Thank you for supporting local organizations in raising additional funds for amazing causes.
Auction Chair I think it is a great idea! It would be soo helpful!
Board President I think it will be interesting to see how effective it is.
Mexico Mission Auction Coordinator This is an awesome idea!
Board Member and Auction Procurement Lead I hope we have success
Parent volunteer I think this is a great idea – as it is helpful to both the organizations seeking donations, and allows local businesses to direct inquiries to one location.
Billing & Payroll Coordinator I think it is easier than trying to go one place at a time and find donations. Everything in one spot is always nice!
Executive Director I love this. I wish I know of it sooner. We have many events each year that we need these kinds of items for. It helps get the word out about our organization also. It is a win win for both the business and us.
Medical Coordinator I think it is amazing.
Community Relations Manager I think this is a great way to connect businesses to opportunities that encourage support and networking locally!
Deputy Director It’s a great idea: I look forward to seeing the results.
Auction Coordinator Awesome!
President It’s awesome! I’ve been contacting many businesses individually and it is time consuming. We’ve been asking near and far to offer some fun options at our auction. And we’d love to get some fun options in Seattle…we’re only a ferry ride away!
Volunteer, Auction Co-Chair Interesting idea.  Thank you for considering our request.
volunteer perfect for auctions to raise money
Development Coordinator This is a great opportunity for independent organizations and/or communities interested in expanding their reach and resources related to the process of making in-kind donation requests for affiliated events.
Guild Member Seems like a fantastic idea! Thank you!
volunteer amazing!
Development Manager I think it helps funnel requests so that small businesses do not have to spend precious resources in staff time.
Parent Volunteer That will all depend on if we get any donations 🙂
Volunteer Auction Chair excellent way to foster community support!
Procurement Committee Head This is a wonderful resource for any organization that needs to raise funds. It can be a daunting task and difficult for many people to ask. This makes it a bit easier!
Friends of Nova parent volunteer If it works- it is a fantastic idea!!!
Board President Its a fantastic way to give back.
Auction Committee Board Member I like it! It’s a more direct and transparent method of giving.
PTSO President This is a fantastic idea for requests such as ours- we are beyond thankful to even receive one donation and will gladly support all businesses!
Office manager/auction manager I think it is great.  Saves time and is very helpful for people to use.  Thank you!
Chairman I welcome this and any opportunities that allow our non-profits to raise funds for the causes that are most important to them.  Ours is education of underserved and disadvantaged 3rd-5th grade students in need of tutoring.
JDRF – Jake’s Crew Team Captain Excited to see if this will help!
CFO/COO It’s a great idea. It’s our first time to apply and we’re excited to see how it works out.
Vice President I think it is very convenient, and I really appreciate the supportive atmosphere it generates.
Auction procurement team I think this is a great idea to help businesses find organizations to support.
Volunteer It is wonderful and very much appreciated!
A DSDN Dinner to Die For auction co-chair Pretty great if it works!
Staff/Cymbal Instructor/Social Media Coordinator I think it’s great how accessible this option is to groups
Assistant Coach So far it seems easy, and hopefully effective.
PARENT/VOLUNTEER hopefully it will provide a connection with the businesses in the area.
Executive Director Interesting to see if it will work.
PTO president Great Idea!!
auction volunteer great idea
Executive Director I think it’s great!  Gift cards give people more freedom in a lot of ways and are very well received.
Parent I think its fantastic and appreciate the fact that it is available to schools.
Karshner Elementary VP/ Bingo Chair I Like the idea and hope it can help our event.
Project Manager This is an amazing way to pool together local businesses to help non-profits.
Assistant Director This is awesome! I am interested to see how it all works. Thanks for considering.
Fundraising Co-Chair Very interesting and great concept! Especially if it can reduce the amount of time businesses spend responding to and processing requests for donation.
Director of Development I greatly appreciate having a streamlined option to procure items for our auction!
Auction Committee Coordinator This is a very good idea to connect businesses willing to support community organizations!
Community Engagement Director Excellent idea, thank you for providing this platform.
chair of Evening of the Arts This is my first time with a gift card pool.
Director of Development and Outreach This is a great idea, and a way for newer restaurants to gain exposure while helping local Seattle non-profits.
Board Chairperson (volunteer) I love it! It’s a great option for a volunteer organization trying to gather donations for fundraising incentive.
Development Consultant This approach is easy to use and fun as you don’t know what might come your way after the “ask”.  Personal connections are lacking, though, which is an increasing challenge in today’s society.
Board Chair A great idea! We appreciate any help we can get!
Membership / auction chair coordinator Love it
Parent volunteer I think it is a fantastic way to reach many business and support many worthy causes.
Programs Manager Love it! Quick and convenient.
Family Fun Night and Silent Auction Committee Chair I think this is a wonderful way to benefit local non profits and fundraising efforts and allow individuals to contribute where and how much they can.
Secretary I think this a great idea that can allow people looking for donations to reach a broader group of businesses in less time.
Development and Community Relations Manager I think it’s really ingenuitive. It’s a dynamic way for both donation seekers and companies to participate. Thank you
Executive Director I love it – it is a time saver to go to 1 pool of interested parties rather than reach out individually.
Auction Chair This is a really cool concept!  It can be overwhelming to know where to start when procuring for an auction and this is such a helpful tool!  Thanks so much!!
2019 Ingraham High School Auction Chair It sounds like a great idea!  This is the first time we’ve attempted to use it.
Executive Director Awesome idea! Glad I found you.
Volunteer I love that I can get multiple items all in one place.
Auction Chair I’ve never used it before but I’m hoping it will work out well!
Director of Advancement Great idea!
Executive Director Love this – makes it simple for local businesses and nonprofits to work together in the community!
Parent Representative I think it’s fantastic.  I hope we can promote some generous local businesses and they’re willing to support! Thank you.
Board Member/Auction Chair This is the first I’ve heard of it and I love the idea.  Especially for events like auctions.  It really doesn’t matter what you get, everything helps and this is a cool way to cast a wide net.
Branch Manager I love it!!
Auction Procurement Chair I think it is great! Thanks so much for supporting your community fundraisers with this great idea!
Volunteer Auction Procurement I think that it is great! I have never heard of the approach before.
Auction Committee Lead Amazing, I was thrilled to find this what a great idea. I’m happy to have your help make our auction a success.
Auction Committee Lead I think this is awesome! What a great show of community and helping members of your community out.
Board secretary and auction chair i think this is awesome
procurement chair I hope it works.
Director of Development I think this is a novel idea! Thank you!
Auction Chair I think this is an awesome idea! I hope that you will keep MIM in mind!
Corps Officer/Administrator Very convenient.
Auction chair This is a fantastic idea and helps organizations like ours to reach a broader community in less time. Thank you so much!
Development Assistant It is a creative approach.
Committee Chairman Very interesting. Never heard of anything like it.
Marketing Associate I think it looks fun and easy. Lets see.
Event Chair I think this is an amazing idea! As an event chairperson with little help this year, this would be very useful!
Volunteer for auction I love it!
chairman Awesome!!
Auction Chair This is amazing and such an incredible idea!
PTSA President Honestly, this is a great idea.
Board member Very cool. Hope it works.
PTA Vice President Thank you.
Volunteer I’m curious if I’ll get any responses! I’ll still send requests to other local businesses who may want to help support this event.
Development Director Great idea – thanks!
Deputy Executive Director It’s a fantastic idea! I hope it is successful.
Secretary, AMHS Booster Club/Teacher It sounds great! Fingers crossed!
Trivia Co-Chair Seems like a win win for all involved!
Volunteer Donation Coordinator I think it’s a great idea to connect local non-profits with community organizations that are looking to support these organizations.
Fundraising Co-chir A wonderful and efficient process!
Exec Dir I think this is such a great and useful approach. It’s so very hard to find emails of applications in line somwtimes. So this is so helpful!
Procurement Auction Chair This is great
Auction Chair Great!  Hard to pick a specific restaurant.  When companies are willing to make donations, not picky about what or who.
Volunteer Easy, Fast
Family Donor Representative Love it!
Board President Love it!
Procurement volunteer It is AMAZING and I hope it works! I know a lot of business are very helpful, but finding the right ones to help support our school can be very difficult. We appreciate your efforts!
Parent Volunteer/Auction Committee member Wonderful if it actually works.
I solicit each year for silent auction donations. We’ll have to wait and see. It could be good.
Marketing/Outreach Coordinator It’s a great idea!
volunteer parent Its great!
Family Support Specialist I think it’s a great approach to connecting local businesses with greater organizations in the Seattle area.
Administrative Assistant Love it! It is so encouraging to have an opportunity to reach out to many different businesses to let them know about our mission and give them an opportunity to lend their support as well as expose their business to our attendees.
PTA procurement What a wonderful opportunity to help the community!
Grants and Office Coordinator Great idea
Fundraising Coordinator This appraoch helps streamline the donation request process. We appreciate your consideration!
Auction manager It seems like a positive approach to procurement. I will know more if it’s successful for our event.
Auction Chair I appreciate the gift card pool approach for its ease.
President Great for organizations like ours. Thank you for your consideration.
Annual Fund Officer My non-profit organization has several events throughout the year where we spend a lot of time soliciting gift card donations.  This pool approach is a big time-saver and can’t wait to match with businesses who desire to help.  Thank you!
Donation Chair This is a wonderful idea! I’m surprised to have just heard about this organization! Excited to potentially share your work with our patrons.
Auction Chair It’s great!
Co-Interchapter Chair I really like it!
Communications & Events Specialist I like the concept, cautiously optimistic that it will work well.
Director I love it, I think it will save us a lot of time when we make “asks”. Thank you for your help!
parent volunteer Love it!
parent volunteer It’s a fabulous idea, and a great way to navigate the gift card options for both donors and organizations seeking donations. Thank you!
Executive Director This is a brillliant, time saving idea for both non profit organizations and businesses within the community seeking to do go and gain exposure. Thank you.
Executive Director This is a great idea! I’m optimistic that it will work. Thank you for creating this. When I went to this page using internet explorer it didn’t load the submit button. Worked fine on Chrome.
Jog-a-thon Co-Chair This is great!  Gerard shared this with me last year and this is my first time trying it out.  Look forward to seeing the results!
Auction Chair It is a new idea and interesting
Board Member/Auction Coordinator I think it’s wonderful and something I haven’t seen yet and have been doing our annual auction for 3 years now.
Executive Director Awesome!
Parent/Volunteer This is my first experience with the gift card pool approach, but I think it’s a great idea!
Auction Procurement Co-Chair Very handy.
Director Love it!
procurement volunteer/board member This is great!
volunteer This is my first time asking for a donation request from a gift card pool.
Communications Team Lead This is amazing and I’m glad someone is doing it.
Sponsorship Chair A great opportunity to learn more about local businesses while giving back to the community!
President I think this is great – as a community member, I feel this reaches a lot of potential donors who might not otherwise be reached – this is a VERY appreciated approach. THANK YOU!!!
Board Member Looks great, thank you!
Communications Specialist Such a great idea – a clear benefit to our city and the number of organizations serving our residents. Thank you in advance for considering the Center for Community Engagement.
Operations Coordinator I think this is a wonderful way to streamline the process of asking local businesses for gift cards and donations. It can be very difficult to contact organizations, so this approach is very helpful.
Board member It is an amazing idea to reach thousands of people to help raise money for their organization
Board Member It’s really interesting! I’ll be excited to see if it works. Thanks for offering it.
Auction Co-Chair, Fundraising Team and Current Parent This is awesome!!! Its challenging to solicit every local business at the same time every other school is also soliciting, so a centralized request option for one of the fundamental auction items is a miraculous idea!!!
School Secretary I think it’s great.
Volunteer I LOVE it!
Auction Chair We like it!
Volunteer I think it’s awesome!  Fun to be able to submit in one place rather than fill out various forms.
Auction Chair I think it’s a good approach.  Thank you.
Director This is a great idea to streamline the process for all involved.
Auction chair and Fishline Board Member It is an interesting idea.  I think it makes it easier for a group of business to see what opportinities for giving are available and non-profits are able to consolidate their requests.  Thank you!
Auction Event Coordinator Unique!  Power in numbers!  Very creative approach : )
Member, Cultural Drummer Cool! First time ever using the pool! Thank you for the consideration. Haw’aa (Thank you)
volunteer/parent I think that it is fantastic! Thank you!
Americorps Volunteer This is an awesome idea I very much appreciate this service.
Project Coordinator I think it is a very cool idea.
Board Member Great!
Auction Committee Member/ Seattle Amistad Parent I love it! I look forward to seeing how it works out.
Naturalist Brilliant – thank you for offering this.
Resource Development Coordinator I enjoy the opportunity to enter for a chance at many restaurants in the area.
62 MXO Booster Club Secretary I have not had much luck walking business to business, so I hope this reaches anyone willing to consider us for a donation. I thank you for allowing us an avenue to reach additional businesses
Volunteer I love it!   We can donate any I purchase items as well. We are stressing out as we have sent out 180 requests and only have revievedb10 items…  out committee was started late and many places have already given their donation allowance for the year.  Any help is much appreciated! Thank you – Mishell
Sports & Recreation Director
Program, Development, and Executive Assistant I think it’s a great idea! We have been very happy to be a part of it in the past. Thank you!
Fundraising Chair I think this is a great idea! It allows several options that we may not have found before and allows several businesses to connect with us!
Lead Fundraiser It sounds pretty awesome, I hope it is able to benefit a lot of organizations in the area!
Assistant Director This is great!!!!!
Auction Chair I love this idea!  Restaurant gift certificates are very popular with the attendees.  But it takes a lot of time and effort for the volunteers to solicit from the restaurants.  Your website seems to streamline the process.  Thank you!
Volunteer I think this is a fantastic way to support local organizations and non-profits.  Even if I do not get cards for the restaurants I specifically asked for, any gift card to a Ballard area restaurant will encourage my patrons to visit and explore a new option, bringing business to Ballard and supporting Lakewood Playhouse at the same time!
Procurement Team Member I think this is a great way to have people ask for donations.  This online form works well.
FOP Lodge 18 Auxiliary President It sounds like a streamline way to approach doantion requests.
Office Manager I think it is a great idea.
Auction Chair I love it. I wish asking business for their support was this easy. 🙂
Dessert Committee Chair I think it’s a neat idea, both for the one stop shopping aspect and also because of the joint community effort behind it, and how accessible it is to so many different groups–the list of organizations you’ve helped is so varied and diverse.
Manager A great idea! As a small nonprofit this is an efficient way to reach out for support.
Auction co-chair
Clinic Manager Awesome– makes it so much easier!
Fellowship Chair I think this is a fantastic idea – thank you!
Exec. Director
Development Associate Very easy to use and provides a broad scope of participating businesses. Thank you!
Executive Director This is a great idea. Having a central pool alone helps short-staffed non-profits by focusing the limited effort available. Hopefully it also encourages more businesses to support local nonprofits through gift card giving.
Board Member/Auction Committee LOVE IT!!!!!
Vice-Chair, Amici Board AMAZING!
Grassroots Summit Coordinator It seems beneficial to organizations like ours that are constantly looking for new potential donors, especially local Seattle restaurants and groups. Our Japanese guests are often looking for new local spots to show visiting officials or corporate visitors.
Outreach Manager/Procurement Co-chair/Volunteer Love the idea! Hope it works out for our event!
Parish Council Board Secreatry and Gala Chair EXCELLENT IDEA! THANK YOU!
Vice President What an excellent idea!  I love it!
Music Director It is amazing!  I really hope there are businesses able to work with us, it’s great to be able to put a request in one place for multiple businesses, with limited time and resources.
Fundraising Team Volunteer It’s so amazing, thank you!!!
Parent Volunteer When we all participate in making a difference, we have a community that gives meaning!  The kindness is greatly appreciated, it comes back many times to the giver and in more ways than one.
Fundraising Coordinator Great idea!
ALE Supervisor
Marketing & Cultural Program Coordinator Sounds great!
Auction Co-chair I think it is a great way to support all the local schools and non-profits.
President Awesome!
Community Development Manager I like this approach.  It appears to simplify and streamline the process for all involved.  Thank you!
Development & Operations Coordinator Seems great!
Executive Director Anything that makes it easier for non profit organizations to solicit donations is awesome! We have so little time as a volunteer based organization and every year when Winterwoof approaches so many resources are diverted to event planning, this is a really incredible resource. THANK YOU! Dog Gone Seattle saves homeless dogs at risk for euthanasia and places them into loving forever homes in the greater Seattle area, saving almost 500 dogs a year.
Vice Chair and Auction Chair I think its a wonderful idea and greatly appreciated to us seeking donations! Thank you!
Student Admissions Assistant
Event Coordinator very cool! thank you for your time and consideration!
Volunteer Great Idea!  Makes it easier for those who are fundraising to get a GC or two to a very nice restaurant.
Auction Coordinator This is a wonderful idea! Thank you for doing this!
Donation Coordinator It’s very convenient as a way to reach businesses on the East side of Puget Sound, especially for us living in Kitsap County
LEAP program Coordinator I love this idea.
Volunteer I think it’s awesome.  Fundraising is difficult, so anything that takes some of the stress out.
Outreach and Event Coordinator
PROCUREMENT We appreciate anything and everything!
Auction Chair
Procurement commitee Great if we get a gift card from it!  thanks
Alumni Council member This is wonderful, thank you!!!
Procurement Lead I love it! 2 thumbs up!
head of procurement, JDRF young leadership board member Northwest I think it is a great idea! Thank you for your consideration.
Board Member/ Fundraising Committee Amazing idea!!!!
Financial Analyst It makes getting the word out faster and more extensive
Representative/parent What a convenient way to connect communities.  Thank you!
sd XC
Artistic Director VERY COOL!   Our patrons, donors, and supporters LOVE trying new restaurants!!
Office Coordinator I think it is an interesting approach and I admire the initiative it must have taken to create the program which will surely benefit many organizations.
Executive Director As a smaller nonprofit, I think it could be a great way to help cut down on the time required for connecting with local businesses, while still bringing our community together through nonprofits and generous local supporters!
Fundraising Coordinator I think that this is an awesome approach and am excited to learn more about it and how it works.
Executive Director This is really exciting. It would be so helpful to be able to reach out to one location who can help put us in touch with various restaurants. Thank you!
Development Coordintaor Love it!
Major Fundraiser, Chair great
Volunteer I think it’s a wonderful idea and we appreciate your consideration!
Programs Manager This is great! I appreciate the ease and simplicity.
United Way Coordinator This is the first time I’ve tried this approach.  I’m eager to see how it works and am thankful for your support.
Treasurer I love this!  Thank you so much!
Cofounder great idea to the community involved in helping out local nonprofits and schools.
Casino Night Support I like it 🙂
member, Board of Directors This is a great idea…it makes it easy for the nonprofit to request donations. It also gives  businesses the space to align their donations with requests that come in while saving them time in not having to respond to individual requests directly.
founder, board president I love it!!  Can’t wait to see what we get.  You guys rock!
Artistic Director It has been working for us. Thank you!
parent volunteer A great way to support the local community.  Thank you!
Development Director Neat!
Veterans Navigator LOVE!!!!
Outreach and Communications Manager
Executive Director It seems pretty cool!
Auction chair
Development Director This is my first time trying. This is great and I look forward to hearing back from you.
President This is a great idea for fundraisers such as ours!
Procurement Volunteer It’s a great idea!
Board Member
Board Member We love this approach as it reaches out to area businesses who can become knowledgeable about the Coalition and may be interested in supporting our program and member agencies.  Thank you!
Volunteer It’s amazing.
Board Chair I think this is a great idea! Thank you for your consideration.
Project Coordinator Love the idea!
Project and Development Intern Awesome! Great way to connect organizations and local businesses.
Resource Development Director A fantastic idea!!!
Auction Chair Love this idea!
Foundation and Events Admin I think it is a good idea, and it was fast and easy.
Vice President I think it a unique idea.
Parish Administrator It’s a really good idea. It makes donating more accessible for all types of businesses and is also a great way for smaller businesses to promote themselves.
Billing Manager & Parent Volunteer It’s wonderful!  I love that schools can access and support local businesses that want to help them with fundraisers!  We love spreading the word about our auction donors!
Resource Development Officer This is a great idea. This makes it really easy to get gift cards all centered in one location, making it possible to have a themed auction item of a day at the pier. I love it.
Program Manager & Procurement Coordinator Great idea :)!
Director of Membership, Outreach & Engagement love it!! let’s see if it works  🙂
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Administrative Coordinator I love the additional help that you all provide!  It’s hard to reach every audience that I need to reach, and it’s very time consuming.  I think the gift card pool is a blessing!
Council member, Auction this is fabulous!  please contact me for any questions on Women of Wisdom.  thank you Magda
Event & Marketing Coordinator I really like this approach! As a small nonprofit it takes a lot of bandwidth to put on a fundraising gala. We love working with local PNW businesses but it can be very time consuming to reach out individually to each business we’d like to partner with. This pool approach allows us to be more efficient with auction item procurement and therefore we have more time to focus on helping those we serve! Thank you so much for your support – you are making a big difference in the community.
Director of Family Relations I think it seems great!  I would love more participation by companies that I may not have thought of.  And those companies will get exposure at our event.
Director It’s a neat idea! I’ve never seen it before. 🙂
Business Development I think its a great idea! I’ve never heard of another one before, but it seems like a fantastic way to connect local restaurants with a greater community.  Facilitating them to make an impact while increasing their exposure.
Development Coordinator Great way to put together many resources.
Development Coordinator I think this is a really great way to get the word out about local events that would benefit from community support!
Volunteer Tree Designer Wow. It saves time for procuring. Thanks for putting this site together. Yet, on the other hand, there might be so many requests that it will be hard to get an actual donation. We will see.
Volunteer Fantastic way for local businesses to partner with non-profits so that we can work together to make things better in our community.
Executive Director It sounds promising.
CFO/COO It is an interesting approach! Thank you for your help!
Program Director Great opportunity! Thank you for your consideration!
president i think its awesome and makes it easy! we appreciate your support
Membership and Events Coordinator I think this is a great idea!! Thanks for making it so easy! 🙂
Club President It sounds awesome! Thanks so much for supporting our club.
Board Member Thank you for the consideration. I think the concept is fabulous and am looking for the opportunity to partner.
Event Chair
Communications Intern I think it is awesome and is a way to cover lots of ground! Thank you for your consideration!
MarCom Manager The pool of funds ideas enables many businesses to be involved – big and small. I know many businesses would love to be more philanthropic but it’s difficult with a small budget. The pool allows all budget sizes to make a difference.
Associate Consultant It is so clever! Usually, procurement is an extremely time-consuming effort. I imagine this helps many a nonprofit! Thank you!
Board Member good idea
Founder and Board President Great idea!
Parent Volunteer I love the premise!  What an incredible value you bring to our non-profits!
Development Specialist Very cool. Haven’t seen or heard of anything like it.
Development Director it’s pretty cool!
Development Coordinator It makes it easier to apply to a broad range of restaurants, but harder to keep track of specifics of who was asked.
Committee Member This is a wonderful idea, i hope it works out i would like to pass this on and use it again next year.
Fundraising Chair This is a great tool for requests!
Auction Coordinator I think its easy and great!
Coordinator It is very useful and fun to have the chance of other restaurants to try in the Ballard/Seattle areas.  Thank you for the consideration and EDI hopes you will support our 25th Anniversary Celebration of developing culturally-diverse leaders.
Pastor I think that it’s a great idea
marketing and Promotions
Intern It is a admirable idea because it allows for a range of local companies to be approached and not just a small few.
Event Manager It’s unique and we appreciate the support!
Board member Volunteer Great idea!
Community Engagement & Special Events Coordinator This is great!
program intern I believe it’s a great approach!
Board Member Very innovative!
Board Member Great idea
Board Member Very easy to make requests, thankyou so much
Coordinator Thank you!
Intern I think this is an awesome way to connect Seattle businesses and potential donation recipients. It has been difficult finding Seattle area businesses willing to sponsor certain fundraisers.
President It’s great idea!
raffle Coordinator sounds interesting
Event Coordinator I’ve never heard of it before, but I’m very interested!
office manager/ donations coordinator great
Director of Finance and Philanthropy I’ve never heard of it.  Very interesting.
Participant SUPER HELPFUL – wish I had found it sooner! I’m willing to pick up donations if available!
President of Ryther Mardi Unit and Volunteer It is great to submit the request to many businesses who can support our event.
Executive Director
Young Professional Board Member
Volunteer, Event Host So far, so great! Love the idea. I have had a hard time collecting donations for my event because I am doing the event planning from out-of-state so this helps make it easier!
Office Assistant I think that it is a great way to help local non-profits  with their mission. Thank you for your time and generosity in your thoughtful consideration of my request!
Fund Developer A great idea to give back to our communities.
Team 2 Captain I think this is a great idea!
Volunteer Awesome ideas!!
Executive Director
Assistant Nurse Manager I think it is very easy.
Treasurer A great idea
Volunteer This seems like a really unique idea and it’s great that it can reach businesses that our non-profit might not normally interact with.
HR & IT Manager/Development Committee It seems like a great idea!
Duck Derby Committee Member I think that the gift card pool is a fantastic approach for connecting local businesses who whould like to donate to community organizations and those organizaitons requesting donations. It is such a great partnership.
Class Representative
Organization member It is fantastic! We are spending a lot of time reaching out for individual donations so I really like the idea of a gift card pool.
Office manager/event coordinator Very useful and easy to fill out form.  Appreciate the convenience of it.
Coach I think it seems really convenient, and makes it easy for groups that need help to receive it.
Development Associate I think it’s a great idea!
UBB Board Member I think it is a great idea. I am excited to see what kind of response I might get.
Procurement Lead I love this idea
Intern Absolutely love it. I think this is a brilliant idea.
Office Manager I think its a wonderful idea!
Executive Director very interesting – a great way to find local businesses who want the exposure, with less legwork for my staff and volunteers.  Possibly a great way for our members to find a new business they hadn’t heard about yet.  A win, win, win?
Marketing & Communications Director Amazing idea! Thank you for any and all assistance you are able to provide.
Development Staff It is innovative, creative and smart.
Office Coordinator I think it’s great.  Easy form to fill out and wonderful approach to auction item procurement.
Auction Chair Thank you!
Parent/gala committee volunteer Great, gives the person option where to dine.
Event Coordinator It seems awesome so far!
Event Chair I think it’s a great idea that provides additional solutions for raising funds. I’m really hopeful that it will help our efforts. Also, we can recommend it to other community organizations that we work with.
Youth Director Thank you.  Seems like a great inexpensive way to advertise as well as help those in need.
Chapter President of Seattle NACE We are interested to see how this works and are very appreciative for the support!
Procurement volunteer Seems great. Thanks for your support.Please contact me, Karen Ting via email if you agree to the donation.
Volunteer I really like this idea! It’s great 🙂 Thank you!
Development Staff I think it’s a great way to connect organizations to a wider pool of Ballard businesses.
Events Manager I have never heard/seen it before.  Seems like a good idea but I don’t know how much support is coming in on the back end and how many requests you can fill?  I hope lots!  Have a great day.
Receptionist/Food Frenzy Contact It sounds like a great idea.
Fundraiser for Cheetah Conservation really awesome idea!
Program Coordinator This is a wonderful idea. A place for organizations looking donations and donors looking to connect with a worthy cause.
Treasurer This makes requesting donations so much easier!
Event co-organizer This is awesome! I’ve never seen anything like this.
Event Project Manger – St Jude Steering Committe Member I think it is great and such a smart approach to management of in-kind requests. What an amazing way to pool local organizations with philanthropic desires for our local community.
Development Chair This is definitely an interesting approach. I’m sure businesses are inundated with requests, so this is a great way to centralize that and perhaps take some of that work off of the local businesses. Thank you!
Executive Director I am intrigued and excited by this idea. I think it’s a great approach!
Auction Committee Chair This seems like it could be a very effective way to connect organizers with local donors.
Director of Development I like it a lot!
Executive Director
parent excellent!
Fundraising Coordinator I think it is very creative and I am interested to see how it works.
Volunteer Athletic Director I like it!
Development Coordinator I think it’s a great way to condense lots of requests!
Office Manager
Auction Chair fantastic way to give back to the community thank you
Event Chair & PTA Fundraising Chair This is an awesome idea!! So glad I stumbled upon it!
Corporate Relations & Event Manager I think it is a wonderful idea, and an amazing way to support nonprofits. Thank you for putting this together!
Parent Volunteer Great Idea Thanks!
Data Coordinator
Fundraising I’m worried that my information will get shared.
Event Coordinator I love this idea!
Parent This is an awesome way to help communities and give back; much appreciated.
Community Development Officer TBD
PTA Volunteer This is such a great idea, especially for a small PTA (like ours) that has limited resources, and are putting on our first ever event of this kind of magnitude. We appreciate it!
Development and Events Associate As a former restaurant employee, I appreciate that you’re helping to drive new business to great local restaurants (and more)! Thank you for taking the time to consider our request! Please contact me if you have any questions.
Director of Development and Community Relations This is my first time using the gift card pool, though our procurement chair from last year said it worked well. It is nice to only complete one request, and I’m hopeful that the Ballard community will be interested in strengthening our connection and supporting education efforts in the broader community.
Volunteer The pooling approach is a great idea! It seems like a smart way to garner support/donations for worthwhile organizations/non-profits.
PTA member and volunteer I think it is a wonderful way to connect local businesses with organizations!
Auction Coordinator
Procurement Lead Well it depends on the outcome – but if we are able to get some gift cards from some of these businesses in 1 request it would save a lot of time and be awesome!!
Development Office Assistant I’m trying to understand what is is exactly. If I am guessimg correctly, businesses give you GCs and you then distribute them to organizatons.
Procurement Lead AMAZING
Board President Think it is easy and great opportunity
Procurement Chair 2018 I love it!
Board Treasurer It’s great. More efficient for all parties involved.
Artistic Director Innovative.
Liaison wonderful!
Dental Hygiene Class President Amazing! Unique and a role model for how other companies can partake and giving back to fellow charitable groups in the community.
Auction Co-Chiar Thank you in advance.  We appreciate all that you are doing!
Development and Events Coordinator Carte de oxaxa. The walrus and the carpenter, Volterra, Copine, anywhere! Thank you for your consideration.
Fundraising Assistant Sounds great!
Board Member and Sip for SIFF Chairman Until Gerard shared the info, I didn’t know about this amazing program. It is fantastic!
Auction co-chair What a great idea!
Auction Procurement Volunteer Looks like a great idea!
Vice Chair Since Seattle is so defined by its neighborhoods, I love the idea of making your donations specific to Ballard and Ballard-related events. There is so much diversity in the food scene in Ballard, it is kind of a fun surprise to see where a donation might come from. Our choir’s supporters have diverse tastes as well, so I’m sure there will be someone who will be thrilled at a donation from any of the restaurants in your gift card pool. Thank you for your consideration!
Volunteer Interesting. I see it as a win/win for the community. Thank you for having this available.
President I think it is amazing,what a great idea!
Volunteer / parent of an SDB Rad!
Artistic Director I think this is amazing! I don’t see other communities doing this sort of thing (although I’m a native Ballardite so I haven’t spent much time looking for this in other neighborhoods).
Auction Coordinator I think it’s a great way to help out local nonprofits.
President of the Parent Association It gives the impression that you will be donating to the Ballard based organizations only. We are a big school and we will be advertising you on our website as our donor which will be seen by our 650 parents, so your support will be greatly appreciated.
Child Advocate and Communications Coordinator I think that this approach is a very fresh, innovating idea! What a great way to get the community involved in giving.
Marketing & Community Manager LOVE the idea!
Development Manager I think it is brilliant! It makes it easy and accessible for non-profits like ours to seek donations.  Thank you!
Manager of Community Programs This is an amazing program that supports non-profit efforts.
Procurement Lead It’s a great idea and we appreciate your commitment to supporting local communities!
Procurement It a really interesting concept something that I’ve never come aross
Development Coordinator I love the idea!
Executive Director I think its a great idea to get the word-out/exposure about the entire Ballard business and restaurant community.
CEO and President It is perfect for an auction and you really have a lot of variety!
Development Manager Thanks!!! Jenny
Evnen assistant/Intern I think this is a very generouse and wonderful program.
Development Manager I think its awesome!!
Donor Communications Manager We love the gift card pool approach, as it seems to be an interesting way to generate more participation from the local businesses, resulting in more donations to the deserving nonprofits in our community.  Thank you so much for leading this project, and for your consideration in supporting our event.
Program Manager This is the first time I have seen a gift card pool like this and I think its a GREAT idea. By partnering with local eateries and nonprofit groups its the perfect way to do something positive in the community and get patrons in to those participating businesses to spend money!
Vice President this is amazing!!!
Auction Chair What a great idea!  It gives flexibility to patrons and businesses.
Foundation Director This is an amazing service you are doing for the nonprofits in the area. Thank you!!!
Student Volunteer I think this gift card pool is a wonderful to way to get the whole community involved with giving while distributing the cost associated with a donation equitably.
Executive Administrator I think it’s a really good way to benefit community and support nonprofit organizations.
capital campaign committee I think it’s wonderful.  We are so grateful for any support you can give us.
Treasurer/silent auction chairman I think this is a fantastic idea! Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Silent Auction Co-Chair This is my first time requesting through the gift card pool, but so far it’s been easy to convey all the information about my event through your online form.
Vice President of Alumni Relations It’s an efficient way for organizations trying to procure anything to submit an umbrella application and hopefully get something–as opposed to filling out multiple applications that ask the same information over and over.
Activities Chairperson / Bingo Committee  Chair Love it! We are hoping to get 1-2 gift cards a month for Elks Bingo. We’ll be choosing a different charity each month.
Program Manager, Donor Engagement This is great. I think it will help us recruit donors. And its good for the restaurants.
Studio Wellness Coordinator What a wonderful idea!
one of the event organizers I think this is a great idea for businesses to promote their businesses and also to give back to their communities they serve. We are looking forward to hear good news from you.
Co-Fundraising lead of Partners in Health Engage (UW Chapter) This gift card pool approach is very convenient! Thanks for the help!
Board Member / Gala Chair Easy and to the point! The online form is a great way to go!
Exec dir This is great!
Board Treasurer/2017 Gala Chair This is the only gift card pool I’ve come across and I think it’s a great idea!  Thank you for your consideration.  With gratitude, Jenn
Volunteer I don’t think I’ve seen this before.  It is a different idea.
marketing outreach and everything else 🙂 Love it!! Also happy to personally pick up gift cards. Just let me know. Thank you again!
Procurements It’s a great way to reach out to all restaurants, and businesses within the very popular Ballard area. Your donation will be greatly appreciated and will help bring awareness to mental illness and enhance Psychiatric research. Thank you!
fundraising, development & admin associate I think this is a great way for small organizations to be able to reach out to many restaurants at once.
Auction Committee It’s a great idea!
Coordinate It is neat! I eish we had know last year! We host this training event every year!
Events and Development Manager I love the concept. I think giving people the option of restaurants is great. Anyway to get people to come to Ballard or as I like to say “Ballardia” will get people coming back. I live on Capitol Hill now and we always go to Ballard for dinner!
Auction Chairperson I think it is a good idea.
Volunteer Seems like a good idea! Thanks for considering us
Volunteer I think it is a great opportunity for all businesses involved. Great idea.
Fundraising Committee Chair It’s wonderfully easy to complete the request form. Thank you!
School Principal It was user friendly.
Auction Procurement Chair I’ll let you know if we receive a gift card.  Just kidding- I think it’s great!  I think most schools are happy with any donation that they receive.  🙂
Administrative Assistant I think this is a wonderful approach.
Volunteer I like it. One stop shop instead of contacting every business individually
Executuve Director I have no comment as this is my first time making a request.
Board Member I think it is an amazing way to promote local businesses and create a sense of community.
Volunteer I think it is great!
Parent Volunteer I LOVE this idea!  The centralized nature of this donation request is really appreciated by busy parents like me who are volunteering in their spare time.
Earth Day Challenge Program Coordinator Excited to be considered!
Fundraising Co Chair I think it is a pretty cool idea.
Volunteer chairperson its a great networking idea! and a way to keep the money and people local!
Development Assistant Great concept and love the ease of request, thanks!
Director I think it is an effective way to tailor specific donations to causes that can most utilize them. I am sure the businesses appreciate the exposure as well.
Fundraising Intern I really like the idea! This is the third auction I’ve been a part of and it makes a lot of sense for similar items to have this one donation request page to fill everything out. It saves us a lot of time and individual companies don’t get flooded with a ton of requests. Thank you for making this possible.
Board Member We like it.  There are so many wonderful options in Ballard.
Volunteer I think it’s a wonderful way to try new local places I’ve never heard of before in Ballard!
Volunteer This form (and the comments under some of the boxes) was very helpful and really streamlined the donation request process!
Volunteer It sounds interesting, but never have done before.  I’m hopeful, we’ll get a donation for our event.
Vice Chairwoman We think this is great!
Auction Procurement Chair I think it is a fantastic idea–I wish I had known about it last year!  Cheers to you!
Teacher It’s great!
Procurement Chair I appreciate your consideration.
Parent Thank you very much for your donation last year. The customer service person was very helpful and friendly.
Event Manager We LOVE eatballard! You guys mention us from time to time and we love to advertise on your website! Thank you!
Fundraising Director Thanks!
Ambassador Any items that you can provide us with will be very helpful, we will be hosting a dinner of 200 attendees.  If you need any more information, I will be more than happy to provide you with it.
PTA Auction committee member Thank you so much for the donation – our kids appreciate it!
Parent Volunteer Wonderful!
Auction Coordinator This is a fantastic program!  What a great way to support the community AND encourage patronage of Ballard establishments.
Volunteer in the event committee
Philanthropy & Marketing Associate Thank you for taking Northwest Center into consideration. Any gift card(s) ranging from $50-$250 would be a wonderful addition to our auction, and will help us continue to serve people with disabilities from birth through retirement.
Annual Fund Drive Outreach Coordinator I am delighted that EAT Ballard exists–its a great way to promote a sustainable Ballard community and create a welcoming atmosphere to diners from all over Seattle as well as visitors to Seattle.  Thank you!!
Fundraising C-Chair
Auction Chair
Special Events Director Thank you so much for considering supporting our mission of finding King County pets a forever home!
Executive Director
Board Member
Endeavour PTSA Auction Chair Thank you for your consideration!
Auction Coordinator
Auction Chair Thank you!!
Project manager Just sharing gratitude for the support you offer in connecting and bringing Ballard together as a community. Especially through all of the radical changes!  Much appreciation!
Test Title
Test No.  This is a test.
Special Events Manager
procurement team This is a great way to give back to the community. Thank you for your consideration!
Auction Chair
procurement volunteer We would love to recognize EAT Ballard in our auction catalog.
Volunteer/Fundraising Coordinator Thank you for your consideration!
Community Outreach Committee
Board Member Just thank you for your consideration!
Volunteer Coordinator
auction chairperson Thank you for your consideration!
Gala Coordinator Thanks for your community support!
Marketing Director
Development Intern Thanks for your consideration
Auction Chair This is a great idea!
Development Officer
Development Coordinator Thank you for all that you do in the community!
Chair Auction Procurement I live in Broadview, or as I say when people ask me where, North Ballard.  Spend lots of time in Ballard.
Special Events Manager Thank you so much for your time and consideration!
Volunteer Thank you for such a wonderful resource.
Executive Director Though our event is taking place in CA, I, the executive director, live in Seattle and want to have some Seattle items as a part of our silent auction.  Thank you for your time and consideration.
Event Coordinator
Victim/Volunteer Thank you
Program Coordinator
VP Fundraising
1st Vice President Keep up the great work!
Director of Operations
Troop Leader
Event producer, committee administrator EAT Ballard is a great resource for the community. My only suggestion would be for the Facebook page to focus on Ballard dining, retail, and events, as there are currently so many posts about other parts of Seattle and the state the mission feels diluted.
Vice President Thank you for any support you can give us in helping and promoting education in public schools.
Auction Committee Team Member Nope – thanks for all you do!
Board Member  I serve on the Board of Directors for the White Center Food Bank and would love to see if you can help us for our annual auction in October! We would definitely appreciate a complimentary stay at your property for two adults, a gift card of any denomination, a charitable donation or tickets that we can auction off!  Our annual auction is October 15, 2016 and we are always looking for new effective sponsors/donors to help benefit our program. Please note this is an effective way to market your company as we are anticipated to have 350 attendees at our auction this year.
20 year member and NLC Facebook page admin.
Auction Procurement Chair None 🙂
Auction Committee Co-Chair
Manager of Community Engagement Thank you so much!
Parent Volunteer This is a wonderful idea and we hope that you will consider our donation even though we are not in the Ballard area.
Co-Chair Auction This is all new and exciting to me. My first time in years helping raise money for a school for my kids. Looking forward to this new way of getting gift cards.